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We understand Surveyors are increasingly pressured to deliver evidence-based cost certainty in order to recommend the most suitable remedial work to the client or building owner.

Therefore, we have developed this guide to share some insights as to how you can achieve quality without compromising on your flat roofing refurbishment project.

Taking you through all the considerations you need to make during the full 'design it, build it, live it' lifecycle of your project, we will help you problem solve, mitigate risks and ensure your project achieves quality without compromise.

By the end of this guide you will be able to :

  • Understand the technical challenges of a refurbishment project
  • Recognise the most important aspects of a roof survey in order to reduce risk
  • Understand the evidence required to attain compliance and cost certainty
  • Leverage new technologies to attain sustainable outcomes for your project

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What else is included in our guide:

We outline the three chapters 'design it, build it, live it' covering the following elements you need to consider at each stage:

Design it

Designing in context

• The 5th facade (utilising otherwise wasted space)

• Applicable regulations

• Building oversights

• Evidence based specification

• Achieving cost certainty. 

Build it

• Contractor selection

• Specification compliance

• Application and programme


Live it

• Design life

• Maintenance and guarantees

• Extending the life of the roof